ANR Publications

TDA Private Applicator Training and Testing Requirements

Application for Pesticide License

Steps for Getting Pesticide License


Land Management/Forage 

Fall Armyworm Fact Sheet 2019


Weed control in pastures and forages-2014

Annual Winter Pasture for East Texas 2006

Bermudagrass Pasture Management

Bermudagrass Varieties for Texas 2011

Establishing Cool Season Annual Grasses 2011

Estimating Amount of Forage in Hay Field and Pasture 2012

Forage Establishment Management 2003

Cool-Season Forage Legume Management Guide 2011

Hay Production in Texas E-273 2010

Improving Rainfall Effectiveness on Rangeland

Native Grassland Monitoring and Management WF-001 2013

Forage Quality and Quantity in Texas- Managing Nutrition in Range Beef Cattle 2002

Managing Grassy Weeds in a Grass Pasture or Hay Meadow 2017

Pecan Production

Improved Pecans

Native Pecans 2013



Pasture Management to Prevent the Risk of Equine Laminitis 2010

Low Sugar Forages _ University of Minnesota Extension 2013

Sugar in Feed and Forage Effects Horses Health

Manure and Pasture Management For Recreational Horse Owners 2000

Permanent Identification of Horses 1998

15 Steps to Minimize Theft of Horses and Equipment 2003

What Horse Owners Should Know About Equine Piroplasmosis 2010

Mature Senior Horse Management Use 2005

Feeding the Arena Performance Horse 2003

Feeding Young Horses For Sound Development 2005

Selection and Use of Hay and Processing Roughage in Horse Feeding 2005

Nutrition and Feeding Management of Broodmares 2006

Best Management Practices For Equine Disease Prevention 2008


Beef Cattle

Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act of 2021

Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act of 2022

The U.S. Beef Supply Chain: Issues and Challenges June 2021

Feral Hogs

Box Traps For Feral Hogs 2011

Corral Traps For Feral Hogs 2011

Feral Hogs and Disease Concerns 2011

Feral Hogs Impact Ground-Nesting Birds 2011

Making Snares 2011

Trap Door Modifications 2011


Agricultural Land Appraisal/ Small Landowner Resources

Economic Impacts of the Sensible Taxation and Equity Promotion Act and the For the 99.5 Percent Act on AFPC’s Representative Farms and Ranches June 2021

96-300 – Manual For the Appraisal of Agricultural Land 2018

TPW Annual Report

Using Wildlife Management as a Qualifying Agricultural Use

Wildlife Management and Property Tax in Texas 2010

Wildlife Management Activities Planning Guide For Post Oak Blackland 2010

Beekeeping Basics

Habitat Monitoring For Quail on Rangelands 2005

Habitat Restoration in Middle Trinity

Native Grassland Restoration in the Middle Trinity SP-469





ENTO-035 The Sugarcane Aphid 2014


Herbicide/Pesticide labeling


Lease Checklist

Texas Grazing Lease Checklist

Texas Hunting Lease Checklist

Texas Pipeline Easement Negotiation Checklist


Grasshopper Control

Grasshoppers 2003


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