Family Well-Being: Parenting and Aging Issues

Parenting Programs

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service through local Extension offices, community partners, and websites offers research–based parent education programs that help prospective parents, parents, grandparents, and caregivers deal with the challenging role of parenting. AgriLife Extension offers a wide variety of parent education opportunities that enhance parental confidence by increasing parental knowledge, practices, and care-giving skills.

Benefits of Participation

Positive parenting practices play an essential role in a child’s development and later life success. Research indicates that parents who are warm, responsive to their children’s needs, respectful,       consistent, highly involved in all aspects of their children’s development, model appropriate behavior, and who provide firm, yet not overly harsh discipline, increase their children’s potential         for success in life and reduce the risks for delinquent behavior during the adolescent and teen years.

Positive parenting practices in times of stress (such as financial hardship, divorce, or family illness) can often act as a buffer against such stressors and help build children’s coping and adjustment skills. In contrast, ineffective or dysfunctional parenting practices can lead to poor outcomes for children, including behavioral problems and diagnosed mental health conditions.

Health and Aging

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